Plant it and They Will Come. Property Owners Create a Wildlife Haven.

Pictures tell most of this story. Property owners in an east suburb carved out a section of their property and transformed it into a wildlife haven in just a year. Milkweed that had always grown on the property were supplemented with a variety of Minnesota native plants. The following season, the planting was bursting with wildlife. You can do this, too! Check out Neighborhood Greening’s Resource page to find regional vendors of Minnesota native plants, “how-to” resources, and native-scape professionals.

First year plantings. Heirloom common milkweed were saved. Minnesota native asters, whorled milkweed, butterfly milkweed, rose milkweed, early sunflower, hyssop, rattlesnake master, and more, were planted in the fall.


Beginning of second year. Eco-scape plantings are beginning to take off.


Nearing the end of the season, second year. Build it and they (birds, bees, frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, and more) will come.


Monarch caterpillar munching on second year milkweed. A variety of milkweed were planted as monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed. No milkweed, no monarchs.


Monarch butterfly on swamp milkweed.


Honeybee on rose milkweed