Harrison Community Gardens

Harrison is a community full of growers, and owing to the diverse background of our neighbors in this community, a rich set of culinary traditions. Apart from the abundant Olson Town Homes Gardens and bountiful Redeemer Urban Farm, HNA runs three community gardens, offering over 40 individual and communal growing spaces for Harrison residents.

Logan Blooms
This garden is a true melting pot, reflecting the variety of peoples and cultures that find a home in Harrison.

Irving Gardens
This garden is a dream for builders, and artists who want to create from the ground up. In 2015, gardeners embarked on a soil building project, of which have annual herbs like mint, anise hyssop, garlic chive, dill and more.

Communal Gardens
Morgan Greens Project
This little garden on Morgan Avenue has incredible potential not only as a community garden space but as a place for youth to learn and grow a set of skills.

Peace Haven Garden
Located on Harrison’s main street, Glenwood Avenue, Peace Haven garden hosts annual flowers and native prairie plants. The location and visibility could make Peace Haven a great spot to showcase the food, arts, and talent made here in Harrison.

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