Soo Line Community Garden


Community-based: The garden is organized by volunteers and promotes mutual outreach among residents of the Whittier Neighborhood. Most gardeners live in the neighborhood. Working together strengthens the community and creates opportunities for neighbors to discuss a common endeavor.

Organic: Gardeners are required to practice organic gardening methods. Composting and proactive disease and pest control methods are promoted. You feed the earth and it will feed you.

Working towards a sustainable future: The Soo Line Community Garden teaches sustainability and self-reliance through gardening and growing one’s own food in such a way as to not diminish the natural world.

Award-winning: The garden has received a Certificate of Commendation from the Governor’s Office for an outstanding contribution in revitalizing the community and sharing in the ideals of the Minnesota Green Program. SLCG also received the Blooming Boulevards award from the Committee on Urban Environment

Great community development: The garden promotes active citizenship and community involvement. Having gardeners out in the garden helps stabilize the area, increases the trust and familiarity of neighbors, and gives children a safer place to play.

Part of a larger whole: The Soo Line Community Garden is a Member of the Urban Ecology Coalition (UEC) and operates in cooperation with the Sustainable Resources Center.

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