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A Bird in an Avian Candy Store?

The ubiquitous American goldfinch can be found just about anywhere, at least sometime during the year, throughout the U.S. and southern Canada.
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Wellness One Yard at a Time: How Eco-Friendly Landscaping Can Improve Human Health. By Kelly Cartwright, Ph.D.

Kelly Cartwright, Ph.D., is a biology professor at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois where she teaches environmental biology, general biology, botany, and introduction to sustainability.
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Jewel-Toned Beauty

“I love this composition, with the aster’s swept-back petals and the bee’s intense colors against the dark background.
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Unfarming the Driftless

When the O’Connors bought an old dairy turned deer-hunting farm, they had visions of transforming it into a “perfect” prairie. “We envisioned prairies with beautiful flowers, all natives, and no weeds,” explains Marcie, who, with her husband Mike, has been restoring their 500-acre farm near Alma, Wisconsin, into prairie and savanna for the past 20...
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Complete Puffery

Nature photographer Travis Bonovsky has a knack for spotting birds “doing their thing,” just about any time he walks out his front door.
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My Slice of Heaven

“My little slice of heaven in the city provides big habitat for wildlife. A small, modest bungalow on a narrow, 40-foot wide lot in Minneapolis, not far from the only gorge along the mighty Mississippi.
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It’s Harmless (to you!): The Yellow Garden Spider

This harmless, stunning creature should be welcomed in your yard or garden.
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Saving Our Bees, by Heather Holm

Native plant gardeners with keen observation skills have surely noticed the increase in flower-visiting insects in their gardens. Fascinating visitation patterns emerge from one growing season to the next such as the same type of bee consistently foraging on a particular native plant. About 15 years ago, while installing and tending native landscapes, I started...
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