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Community Greening in Action in the Greater Longfellow Neighborhood

Over a decade ago Daniel Schultz listened to a talk given by Doug Tallamy, the author of the book Bringing Nature Home. It turned the way he saw the natural world upside-down. “It was such a shock to learn how little wildlife habitat is left in the United States,” states Daniel.
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Want Butterflies? Plant a Host Plant.

When a caterpillar emerges from an egg, it is minuscule and can’t travel far to find food. To aid her offspring’s survival, the female butterfly (or moth) deposits her eggs on the food source her newborn caterpillars require so they can eat as soon as they emerge. The specific plant (or plants) a particular caterpillar...
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Pick a Number, Any Number. How to Get Started Greening Your Neighborhood Today!

Forty-two ways to green your neighborhood: just plant a new tree Lee, sweep up the salt Walt, pick up your dog’s poo Lu, and set yourself free.
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The Kraus Family Creates a Backyard Habitat

A few summers ago, the Kraus family noticed a steady increase in monarch butterflies visiting their backyard native wildflower garden. One day after an overnight rainfall, Paula Kraus was stunned to see the black walnut tree in her family’s backyard overflowing with monarch butterflies sunning their wings.
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The Farmers Among Us

 How church members are contributing to the locally grown organic food movement … and how you can too.
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How to Turn your Lawn into an Ecological Asset: Feed the Soil, Not the Grass

John Coatta, of Green Core Organic Lawn Care, explains how homeowners can have lush lawns that don’t rely on weed killers and synthetic fertilizers.
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The “Accidental Beekeepers”

About 15 years ago, MaryJo and Charlie Skemp started noticing unusual activity in a hosta planting that runs along the back side of their home. Beginning each spring, the garden would become an energy-filled flurry of what appeared to be bees, or perhaps wasps or hornets, hurriedly flying in and out of anthill-like holes in...
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Consider the Consequences of Your Purchases at the Garden Center this Spring.

Next time you visit your favorite garden center, you may want to contemplate some of these purchases:
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Start Seeing Buckthorn

Wanted: Ecosystem Outlaw Don’t be fooled by this outlaw! With buckthorn’s ability to quickly grow into dense, thorny, thicket-forming hedges, you may love how it keeps your neighbors from seeing you with your hair sticking straight up while taking the dog out to the backyard first thing in the morning, but, this is one clever...
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