Neighborhood Greening

Dedicated to Community Environmental Education and Stewardship

Photo credit: Vicki Bonk

Harnessing the spirit of residents, schools, places of worship, organizations, and businesses to create a greener community.

Featured Articles from The Butterfly Effect Journal

Dog Waste is Harming the Environment. In Many, Many Ways…

Our gentle dog Ruby was diagnosed with malignant melanoma last year. She was diagnosed shortly after we rang in the supposedly post pandemic New Year with the resolution: “have more fun.” (more…)

Schoolyards: A Vast Resource. Growing Fruits and Vegetables, and Learning about Food at School

One evening I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Fed Up” and that was all it took to get the wheels spinning in my head about the foods we feed our children in school. (more…)

Urban Agriculture: Market Gardening Comes to Town

Local food production is one of the key components of a climate crisis solution. The spread of the urban agriculture phenomenon across the U.S. is encouraging in this regard. (more…)

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