Neighborhood Greening

Dedicated to Community Environmental Education and Stewardship

Photo credit: Vicki Bonk

Harnessing the spirit of residents, schools, places of worship, organizations, and businesses to create a greener community.

Featured Articles from The Butterfly Effect Journal

The Farmers Among Us

 How church members are contributing to the locally grown organic food movement … and how you can too. (more…)

How to Turn your Lawn into an Ecological Asset: Feed the Soil, Not the Grass

John Coatta, of Green Core Organic Lawn Care, explains how homeowners can have lush lawns that don’t rely on weed killers and synthetic fertilizers. (more…)

The “Accidental Beekeepers”

About 15 years ago, MaryJo and Charlie Skemp started noticing unusual activity in a hosta planting that runs along the back side of their home. Beginning each spring, the garden would become an energy-filled flurry of what appeared to be bees, or perhaps wasps or hornets, hurriedly flying in and out of anthill-like holes in the ground. (more…)

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