Neighborhood Greening

Dedicated to Community Environmental Education and Stewardship

Photo credit: Vicki Bonk

Harnessing the spirit of residents, schools, places of worship, organizations, and businesses to create a greener community.

Featured Articles from The Butterfly Effect Journal

Plant It and They Will Come: How One Couple Created Sanctuary for Wildlife in Their Half-Acre Suburban Yard

Ten years ago, Liz Stanley’s and her partner Lynn Gallagher’s suburban yard was a weedy, turf-grass expanse, complete with invasive buckthorn. With no backgrounds in gardening—and through trial and error—they have slowly transformed their half-acre yard in Bloomington, Minnesota (a suburb of the Twin Cities), into a lush native habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. (more…)

Your Yard as Bird Feeder

Offering a wide range of native plant foods from the natural habitat in your yard is the best option for bird nutrition, but bird feeders are nonetheless helpful in the winter.


This Pooch is Precious but Her Poo Isn’t

You love your pooch but its poo is an environmental pollutant—so much so that the EPA has put it in the same category as herbicides and insecticides; oil, grease and toxic chemicals. (more…)

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