Neighborhood Greening

Dedicated to Community Environmental Education and Stewardship

Photo credit: Vicki Bonk

Harnessing the spirit of residents, schools, places of worship, organizations, and businesses to create a greener community.

Featured Articles from The Butterfly Effect Journal

Musings from a Garden Tour


Everything you see in this yard, except for three trees and two shrubs, was planted by us “sometime” between 30 years ago when we purchased our home . . . and yesterday. (more…)

Saving Our Bees, by Heather Holm

Native plant gardeners with keen observation skills have surely noticed the increase in flower-visiting insects in their gardens. Fascinating visitation patterns emerge from one growing season to the next such as the same type of bee consistently foraging on a particular native plant. About 15 years ago, while installing and tending native landscapes, I started to notice these patterns and the astounding diversity of insects that native flowering plants attracted compared to traditional gardens filled with non-native plants. (more…)

A New Lawn for the 21st Century

Here are four things you may not know about America’s lawns. Who uses more pesticides? Farmers on their agricultural crops, or homeowners on their lawns? The answer? (more…)

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